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October 13, 2020

Lotto vs. Lottery

As soon as the first National Lottery draw was held on November 19, 1994, it was obvious that this interesting game was going to be one of the most popular ever. The event was hosted by the famous Noel Edmonds, and according to some estimates, about 25 million people were excitedly watching the show on their TV screens. The jackpot was somewhere around C$10 million and the overly excited Mr. Edmonds stated that more than 50 million tickets have been sold. Unfortunately, despite all that excitement, the first-ever National Lottery draw gave no winner.

Even though it had a somewhat disappointing start, the National Lottery has managed to change thousands of lives over the last 25 years. And, fortunately, that change was for the better. Some statistics say that thanks to the National Lottery, about 3000 people became millionaires. Altogether, they won the astonishing C$14.5 billion. Consequently, the lottery was one of the most popular pastimes of the previous two decades, and tens of millions used to play it regularly, for years.

Nowadays, in its effort to respond to the newest trends among the customers, the lottery is trying to compete with bonuses from online casinos. It has significantly enriched its offer, which now includes a wide variety of games including scratchcards and Thunderball. And, while some still hope to become lottery winners, a great majority of online bettors are opting for lotto betting. They were quick to recognize the potential of this amazing game, and they wouldn’t even consider going back to the lottery. Here’s why!

What is the Difference Between Lotto and Lottery?

If you play lotto, you are betting on the outcome of the lottery. Instead of buying one of the lottery tickets that contain random numbers, you will bet on the outcome of the draw for the same price. Just like with the official version, it all depends on how lucky you are. If you choose the right numbers, you might become as rich as one of the previously mentioned lottery winners. But, in this case, the prize is paid by one of the independent companies that hold the necessary licenses.

Should I Play Lotto or Lottery?

Buying a lottery ticket is easy, and most people choose this option because they know what to expect from it. However, once they try lotto, they realize how big the difference is. It offers way more possibilities, the overall prize is almost always higher, and players are winning regularly. Unlike any National Lottery ticket, lotto allows you to personally pick your numbers. Consequently, it all depends on you. Every lotto ticket is a new chance for big winnings.

Alternatives to Lotto or Lottery

On the other hand, if you don’t feel like playing the lotto, you still have several very interesting, and potentially very lucrative, options you can choose from. These days, more and more betters opt for popular online casinos. Aside from lotto and lottery, they also have many other interesting games of luck. They collaborate with some of the most famous software providers and offer all sorts of motivating bonuses, promotions, and jackpots. While playing some of your favorite games, you’ll get a chance to earn some big money. Let’s take a look at some of the currently most popular online casinos.

Royal Rabbit Casino

Royal Rabbit Casino has a wide range of top-quality casino games, and its bonuses and promotions are rather inspiring, to say the least. It is also known as one of the most reliable online gambling platforms on the market, and it pays special attention to the security and privacy of all betters. The site uses advanced safety protocols which guarantee that no one can access its data without proper authorization.

Ultra Casino

As shown in our Ultra Casino review, Ultra provides a whole host of engaging casino games created by well-established software developing companies. The site is well-designed and easy to navigate through. It offers numerous specialized promotions throughout the week, and if you stick with it for a while, you can expect many other interesting benefits. All the most common payment methods are supported, and money processing is usually fast and without any unnecessary delays.

Captain Spins Casino

Captain Spins is convenient for the lovers of online slots. It provides both the most famous slot games and some new innovative titles. In Captain Spins Casino, bonuses are offered left and right. The site is tastefully designed, and its warm colors make it easy to look at. All the common payment methods are provided, and the safety of your private and financial data is guaranteed at all times. The amazing Captain Spins welcome bonus will help you kick-start your betting session and make the most of this exciting adventure.

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