October 21, 2020

New Zealand Casinos.nz Verification Review

We were fortunate enough to spend time chatting with Ermin, the webmaster of newzealandcasinos.nz. We got some insight into the workings of this informative website. Many websites used rigged ranking systems to promote whichever casino they please, but newzealandcasinos.nz puts their readers’ safety first. Every review on their website provides a genuine overview of the casino experience.

Newzealandcasinos.nz are experts at online pokies, and critical reviewers of the casinos that offer them. As fellow guardians of the online casino public’s safety, we resonated with their focus on safe and fair online gambling. For this reason, we’ve offered them our seal of approval.

newzealandcasinos.nz Information

Website Addresshttps://newzealandcasinos.nz/
Contact Detailsinfo@newzealandcasinos.nz
Year Established2019
https protocolYes
Google Transparency ReportNo unsafe content found
Verified by Casinosverified.comYes

Interview with Ermin

What Niche Does your Website Operate in?

Our Website operates in the Casino, SportsBetting and Slots niche. We Specialise in bringing great value and trustworthy casinos to our clients.

How Did you Get Started in your Niche

Love for the game I guess! I’ve always wanted to create a website which is the best Casino guide for the game lovers like me.

What’s Most Important to you When Reviewing a Casino?

Most important to me is being a transparent company. Our website recommends safe casinos to our readers.

What is your Favourite Casino to Play at?

My personal favourite is PlayOjo. Also, I am usually excited to play at new online casinos.

What Regions Does your Site Focus on?

Our website focuses on New Zealand only.

What’s the Favourite Piece of Content, you’ve ever written?

Here is our best content: https://newzealandcasinos.nz/casino-games/online-blackjack/

What Steps do you Have in Place to Keep your Customers Safe?

We take care of Transparency from the company, and licenses. We allow comments from big forums and affiliate groups. We provide regular support to our readers. Also, we do publish tips, tricks and what to look at when signing up at a casino to ensure that a casino is safe and reliable to play at.

How Best can Customers Get in Contact with You?

They can reach us through our website’s ‘CONTACT’ page by filling the form at: https://newzealandcasinos.nz/contact-us/

What are the Best Hours for Customers to Contact you?

08.00 -16.00 EU Time (Sweden time)

What Makes your Website Special?

We are great minds behind this website who aim to improve every day, we are working on design, content, products and much more on everyday basis to achieve the best Casino guide ever.

How Long Have you Been in the Industry?

I’ve been playing casinos online since 2001. So it’s been close to 19 years.

What Changes Would you Like to See in the Industry in the Future?

The changes that we are working on is to implement where it’s more focus is on helping the players with intelligent programming rather than just text.

What Makes newzealandcasinos.nz Deserving of Recognition?

We are always working for a better tomorrow. Our website is built with love, with principles and honesty.

Our Verdict

If you need expert advice on the many online casinos in New Zealand, then there is no better choice. They are successfully achieving their claim of being the bridge between safe casinos and players in New Zealand. So, we have given this sit our Seal of Approval.

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