We have had a lot of queries lately where our members have been asking us for the fastest way to start playing slot machines.

So here is how to play slots:how-to-play-slots

  1. First, you need to register at a Casino and find a slot machine that looks exciting to you. Here is a list of Casinos that offer a wide selection of slot machines.
  2. After you have chosen a slot machine, you need to select how many lines you want to play. The chance of winning increases with the number of lines.
  3. Next is the coin value, how many coins do you want to spend per line? A popular choice is $0.20 per line.
  4. You can always hit the ‘Max Bet’ button, and the slot machine will spin at the maximum allowed number of lines and coins.
  5. Pair up combinations of the same symbols. Every slot machine has an info board where you can see how much the different combinations are worth.

And that’s it. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Now you are ready to start playing confidently. Good luck!