May 13, 2021

17 Biggest Loto-Québec Winners


Loto-Québec is the state lottery of Quebec – and has been awarding winners since 1969. With that in mind, there’s a long list of winners who have won on their lottery games like Lotto Max and 6/49.

In recent times,  Loto-Québec has also opened up into the online market and offers online services like:

  • Online scratch tickets
  • Traditional Lotteries
  • Bingo
  • Sports Betting
  • Online Casinos

There are better online casinos available to Canadians than Loto-Québec, as Loto-Québec doesn’t offer welcome bonuses like the best quality casinos, and still has quite an old fashioned website when compared to a newer online casino like GSlot casino.

The Top Winners from Loto-Québec

You can find Loto-Québec’s biggest winners on their Wall of Fame, which features winners who have all won more than $1 000 000.

2N. LanglaisLOTTO MAXMONTRÉAL $55,000,000
3L. PhillipsLOTTO MAXOUTAOUAIS $55,000,000
4A. FrancisLOTTO MAXESTRIE $55,000,000
6J. GagnonLOTTO 6/49BAS-SAINT-LAURENT $33,600,463
7V. TranLOTTO 6/49LAVAL $28,936,318
8H. BeauchampLOTTO MAXMONTÉRÉGIE $26,600,135
10A. De BellefeuilleLOTTO MAXMONTRÉAL $15,000,000
12E. Di GneoLOTTO 6/49
MONTRÉAL $12,715,949
13Group of 4 winnersLOTTO 6/49MONTÉRÉGIE $10,000,000
14M. CroiziéLOTTO 6/49MONTÉRÉGIE $9,785,890
15C. Champagne GagnéLOTTO 6/49MONTÉRÉGIE $9,053,760
16F. De OliveiraLOTTO 6/49MONTRÉAL $8,539,083
17Group of 8 winnersLOTTO MAXMONTRÉAL $8,125,000

We originally started writing this article, as a top 10 list but there were just so many big winners that we ended up expanding this table to a list of the 17 biggest winners in the last 4 years.

There are some fairly interesting points as well.

  • The biggest winners as expected, have come from the 2 most popular games: Lotto Max ad Lotto 6/49.
  • MONTRÉAL is the luckiest city with 6 of the winners, followed by MONTÉRÉGIE
  • The biggest winner took home a massive $70 million in the Lotto Max game
  • $55 million dollars has been won on 3 seperate occassions


It’s always a bit of fun to see people who have won it big. Lotteries tend to have massive winners because of the nature in which they pay out, while games with higher win percentages like slots and poker tend to result in lower maximum payouts.

At the end of the day, this comes down to personal preference – do you try and win as big as possible or focus on enjoying your time at this Real Money Canadian Casino. As long as it’s done responsibly, we think it can be done as a fun pastime.

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