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Nowadays, finding the right online casino is much harder than ever before. In the sea of online gambling hubs, it’s difficult to separate the good sites from the shady ones, as they all claim to be fantastic. However, there are ways to determine whether a site is safe to visit, and that can be done by consulting various online gambling experts who choose the platforms for you.

Still, how can you know whether an affiliate site that recommends online casinos can be trusted? Well, that’s where the seal of approval comes in. In order to prove to players that they operate according to all the highest standards, many platforms decide to get checked by the independent audits and have an official document supporting it.

Yet, getting this seal is not as easy as it sounds — in order to do so, a casino affiliate must display excellence in its operation. To find out what the seal of approval means and how to get it, keep reading!

What Is the Seal of Approval?

The seal of approval is exactly what it sounds like — a site is approved to be operating legally and fairly by an independent auditor. To get the seal of approval, affiliates need to prove they have all it takes to provide players with flawless service. This includes the following:

  • Safety and security — As is often the case, safety and security come first in the online gambling world, no matter if we’re talking about casinos or affiliates. If players are not sure they can trust you, they won’t be following your recommendations, meaning this is the first thing to take care of if you’re up for getting that long-awaited seal of approval.
  • Independence — The affiliate site should, by all means, operate independently of the online gaming sites it promotes. The reason we pay close attention to this is that players need honest reviews of casino sites and not pure advertising of online casino operators on the web.
  • Responsive customer support — Even though texts that can be found on affiliate casino sites are often quite extensive, it’s expected that some players might need additional information regarding the point of their interest. That’s why responsive and polite customer service is a must for getting our seal of approval. It’s very easy to operate smoothly when everything goes according to plan, but it’s the moment of need when you should display excellence, which is exactly what customer service should do.
  • Useful content — Although the primary role of an affiliate site is to recommend the best online casinos, this shouldn’t be the only thing that can be found on the sites. Yes, the links can be there but, more importantly, a player should find out something more about a casino in question by visiting your page.
  • Accurate information — There’s no need to emphasize the importance of accuracy when it comes to sharing information about the online gambling world. In order to stay on top of your game, everything you post about online casinos or any other topic must be 100% authentic and double-checked. If players notice that you’re sharing outdated and false information, you will lose them forever. Also, make sure that you don’t bother players with spam emails if the information in them is not something they would actually benefit from.

Benefits of Using a 3rd Party Seal of Approval

Using a seal of approval can be beneficial in many ways, but one thing matters more than all the rest — it will help you gain the trust of your users. If you’ve read the text above, you’re now well aware of what the seal of approval signifies. Therefore, it’s more than evident that players will rather trust a platform that has qualified for the seal of approval than the one that hasn’t.

Apart from that, you’ll never have to worry about someone accusing you of any irregularity, as the seal of approval guarantees that you’ve done everything per the highest standards.

How to Qualify for the Seal of Approval?

To get the seal of approval from, there’s a procedure you need to follow. Here are the necessary steps you need to take:

  • Email [email protected] — send an email to us to get into our register of affiliates willing to be submitted to testing.
  • Wait for our response — Once we get your email, someone will contact you as soon as possible and give you detailed instructions on our auditing process.
  • Fill out the questionnaire — Naturally, you’ll be required to provide some information necessary to determine the way you operate.
  • Get your seal— We’ll review your website, taking into consideration all the vital aspects mentioned above. If all turns out to be right, you’ll get your seal of approval in no time!

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