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The world’s most innovative online casino, Casumo, is now introducing the popular, action-packed Reel Races tournament. What’s different about this particular competition from other Reel Races that you may have heard about is that it will be running every 30 minutes 24/7!
You might be wondering, what are these reel races? How can you win? What prizes do you stand to win? How do you get to participate?

Just read on, and you’ll get the answers to all those questions running through your mind.

What are the Casumo Reel Races?

Reel Races is nothing more than a slot tournament that lasts 20 minutes. It runs every 30 minutes 24/7, and you stand to win cash prizes or free spins while playing normal slot machines. Participation is free of charge, and every win you get in the tournament is yours to keep.

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How Does Reel Races Work?

Once the tournament starts, you’ll compete against other players to accumulate the most points, by having the most wins on your selected slot machines. There are various ways to gain the points, and you’ll be awarded each time your hit a win.  Moreover, there are boosters that make the tournament even more interesting while giving you the opportunity to earn loads of extra points.

While playing, you’ll see that your, as well as the other players’, points are being updated in real-time in the left sidebar. This way, you can easily see your position in the Reel Race, and how much points your require to advance on the list. Moreover, there’s a timer that’ll count down and let you know when the race is over.

When a race comes to an end, prizes with cash and free spins will be awarded to the player who has accumulated most points. In every event, Casumo gives away a grand prize of £1000.

How Do You Participate in Reel Races?

Taking part in the Reel Races is quite simple. You just need to sign up at Casumo, pick your preferred slot, and spin away.

Remember that Reel Race is free; you are only required to pay for the normal spins you make.